Composite fillings in San Antonio, TX 78253

Mysa Dental- the best dental clinic in San Antonio, TX- 78245 specializes in comprehensive dental care inclusive of composite fillings. We use composite fillings to enhance the aesthetics of your smile by reshaping a discolored teeth or changing the color of teeth. Unlike traditional fillings, composite fillings are a blend of tooth colored plastic and glass mixture. They match with the color of your teeth and are devoid of any toxic metals.

We have the best dentist in San Antonio, TX- 78245 and if you suspect that you need composite fillings, feel free to give us a call right away. Here are some of the advantages of composite fillings.

  • Composite fillings chemically bond to the structure of tooth and hence provide enhanced support to the tooth.
  • They are highly versatile.
  • Used as dental fillings for decay.
  • Repair broken, worn or chipped teeth with sheer ease.
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