Ultrasonic Scaling in San Antonio, TX 78253

Ultrasonic scaling is an advanced technology which is used in scaling and root planing procedures to treat periodontal diseases. Unlike the traditional procedure that involves using a metal instrument causing pain and trauma to the teeth and gum tissues, ultrasonic scaling is a painless and more efficient procedure. Our dentists in San Antonio, TX- 78253, remove plaque, bacteria and tartar using ultrasonic scaling technology. At Mysa- the best dental clinic in San Antonio, TX 78253, our dentists ensure that you don’t have to spend much time in the chair and the entire procedure is painless and comfortable for you. There is virtually no discomfort during and post the treatment because your gum tissues heal quicker than you think. Below are some of the benefits if ultrasonic scaling and planing.

  • Less tissue trauma due to the absence of sharp cutting edges.
  • Effective removal of dental plaque because of ultrasonic tip spray.
  • Light touch needed to guide ultrasonic scaler tip along the surface of your tooth.
  • Excellent removal of stubborn stains which are otherwise difficult to scale using other methods.
  • Reduced treatment time particularly with heavy deposits.
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