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Intraoral cameras have transformed the dental care industry and at Mysa Dental Clinic- the best dental clinic in San Antonio, TX 78253, we harness this camera to provide a unique view of each tooth to our patients. It helps them understand their medical condition better and make well-informed decisions. Our dentists in San Antonio TX- 78253 leverage this camera that looks like a wand. It contains its own LED lighting and we can also save HD images which can be used in future as well. It also helps us share the same view our dentists have.

With such view at your disposal, we can determine whether your cracked tooth needs an implant, veneer or removal. Here are some more reasons why IOCs are so helpful.

  • Better education and preventive care
  • Revealing hidden dental problems with sheer ease
  • Easy treatment modification as progress assessment becomes easy
  • Intraoral cameras expose hidden problems and hence there is no uncertainly at all
  • High-resolution images can be shared with other specialists for more complex dental conditions on some occasions.
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