4 Reasons Why Oral Health is Important for Children

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September 21, 2022

Children are taught about health and its importance from an early age. However, oral health is often not given much priority. Dental issues also cause problems in many children, which can increase if not addressed soon. Some dental problems tend to remain untreated at childhood, which can cause issues in adulthood.

Dental checkups at regular intervals, plaque build-up, braces, etc. should be considered when discussing health. If you are still confused about why oral health is essential, keep reading. As we provide Pediatric Dentistry in San Antonio, we have listed four main reasons why oral health in children is critical. So let’s have a look at these reasons without further ado.

It Affects Their Overall Health

If a child’s oral health is bad, it can severely impact his/her overall health. After all, the mouth is a place that is an entry point to food, speaking, and smiling. It is an exposed organ of the body so it needs to be taken care of. Poor dental health may cause the child pain and discomfort, affect their self-esteem, and may even cause them embarrassment. For instance, if a child has crooked or cracked teeth, he/she may be hesitant to smile freely. Along with health, these issues also affect the confidence of a child.

Impacts on Cognitive Development

A kid’s cognitive development is really important. Poor dental hygiene is also linked with lower academic performance and impairs the child’s learning ability. If the toothache gets severe, it may be a reason for school absences. As per a report, 52% of children with dental issues have a higher risk of missing school and are 24% less likely to complete the remaining homework. So oral health also negatively affects the cognitive development of the child.

Can Lead to Chronic Diseases

By now, it is established that dental infection can lead to many chronic medical conditions including gum diseases and even cardiovascular diseases. Other conditions may include diabetes, heart conditions, and stroke. Good oral health is the foundation of living a healthy life so it is essential to teach kids to take care of their oral health early in life. Ensure you’re teaching your child to brush twice and tell them the importance of dental flossing from the beginning so that they follow these practices throughout their lives.

Prevents Other Diseases

Regular assessment of the teeth and gums in children helps detect many general health conditions like vitamin deficiencies, and acid reflux. So taking care of oral health not only helps in improving the overall health but also in detecting some underlying health conditions. If you are looking for the best dentist in San Antonio, feel free to reach out to us so that you can prevent your child’s health from deteriorating and make it better.


Hopefully, you now know the reasons to consider oral health as an essential factor in children’s health. Ensure you teach your children to follow dental hygiene practices and maintain them. If you still have any doubts, feel free to contact us. We have the best Pediatric Dentist in San Antonio. Our team of dentists will not only help children with dental issues but will also guide and give tips regarding the importance of oral health in children.