Should I Extract My Tooth Or Save It?

Tooth Extraction San Antonio


February 25, 2021

When you have severe tooth pain or if your tooth has caught an infection, it might seem easy to pull the tooth out than dealing with the pain. Extraction may seem to be the easy choice at that moment but is surely not the best choice for you. Nothing functions like your natural tooth and so before you decide to pull or save your tooth, we want to make sure you know the facts and you are well-informed. You can always discuss it extensively with your general dentist in San Antonio, TX and you might reach a conclusion as to what is better.

Benefits of Saving Your Natural Tooth


Your natural tooth will have better strength than the artificial one. No tooth replacement options could function the same as your original tooth. Besides, you could maintain the natural structure of your jaw and mouth. Our dental clinic in San Antonio does offer the best tooth replacement options like dental implants but nothing is as strong as your original tooth.

Maintain a youthful appearance

Once you extract the tooth, the tooth root that supports the jaw is also gone. The bone surrounding that tooth will cave eventually which will make you look older.


As the extraction takes a toll on your smile and appearance, you tend to lose confidence in freely passing that smile of yours. Patients tend to start smiling less and in a hesitant manner which negatively affects their lives.

Much less painful

People think that pulling the teeth will be less painful than restoring an infected tooth through a root canal or any other restoration procedure. However, the fact is there are chances of dry sockets after tooth removal which could be much more painful. Not to mention, other oral health issues like teeth shifting and plaque formation in the surrounding areas might follow.


Saving your natural tooth is a cost-effective option than any other tooth-replacement methods. Moreover, you also have to bear extra maintenance costs along with future treatment costs in case if anything goes wrong.

When to pull out your natural tooth?

There are many good reasons to preserve your natural tooth but there are times when extraction is a better option. Cracked tooth below the gum line or tooth decayed to a level where it cannot be restored or several cracks in the tooth, then an extraction will be necessary. When the tooth becomes too weak that it is more of a threat to the health of the surrounding teeth and your overall oral health, then you shall get it extracted without any doubt. You shall consult your dentist and seek professional help before you jump to any conclusion.