Top 5 Tips for Maintaining Oral Hygiene with Dentures

Maintaining Oral Hygiene with Dentures in San Antonio


March 26, 2021

With dentures, now that you have no or fewer teeth you may think that your oral hygiene routine is much relaxed. However, even with the best dentures in San Antonio, you need as much oral care as you needed with your real teeth. Denture wearers have to properly clean and maintain their denture teeth as well as ensure that their jaws remain healthy because gums are the foundation for your denture teeth. Any bacterial infection can cause irritation and sores on your gums which will make wearing dentures uncomfortable for you. If you are new to dentures and are wondering how to care for your oral health with dentures, read on!

1. Brush your denture teeth daily

Like you would do with your real teeth, even your denture teeth require daily brushing to keep them clean and hygienic. Brushing your dentures daily will help in ensuring that bacteria and plaque do not build up and cause irritation and stains. You should use a soft-bristled brush and a non-abrasive denture cleaner and should gently brush your dentures. Do it very gently so that you don’t damage the denture plastic or bend attachments.

2. Soak your dentures overnight

This is a very important step in maintaining oral hygiene with dentures. Leaving your dentures in your mouth when you sleep could do more harm than good. Wearing dentures at night time could increase the saliva levels in your mouth which could be a perfect breeding ground that accelerated the growth of bacteria. Moreover, dentures serve no purpose during sleep hours. Wearing it overnight will not give your gums the much-needed break from the constant rubbing of dentures which can cause irritation, sores, and infection. The bacteria growth could evolve quickly into gum disease, stomatitis, and even pneumonia and the constant rubbing might encourage jawbone loss. Besides, soaking it overnight in clean water or denture cleaner can thoroughly clean your dentures.

3. Rinse dentures with clean water every time you eat

It is important to rinse your dentures every time you eat. A quick rinse will help get rid of the trapped food particles and will prevent stains and bacteria from building up. If food gets trapped and left unchecked, it can cause irritation, sores, and even increases the risk of gum disease. To ensure that your mouth stays clean and your dentures last longer, you shall incorporate daily rinsing and brushing in your oral care routine. Just remember to never rinse with hot water as it could affect the denture plastic and can cause it to warp.

4. Care well for your whole mouth

If you have partial dentures, you will take care of the rest of your teeth as much as possible. But you should also look after your gums as they serve as the base to your dentures. You should ensure that no food gets trapped in between your gums and dentures. Cosmetic dentists in San Antonio also recommend regularly massaging your gums to alleviate irritation and stimulate blood flow.

5. Regular dental checkups with your cosmetic dentist

Paying a visit to your prosthetist regularly is a part of maintaining your oral health with dentures. Your prosthetist will ensure that your dentures are fitting and functioning well. Visiting a dental clinic specializing in cosmetic dentistry in San Antonio twice a year is recommended to maintain your dentures and keep your oral health in good shape.

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